Our transport cases are used in almost every industry where sensitive equipment needs to be protected. Regardless of whether it is high-tech equipment or equipment that needs to be protected from the elements in the outdoor sector, for example. SINORA transport cases are characterised by their lightness, robustness and high level of carrying comfort. Thanks to their fully automatic pressure equalisation valve, they are even suitable for air transport.

On the following pages, you can discover the diverse areas of application for our transport cases in a wide range of industries and find out more about the specific advantages for each area of use.

Selection of transport cases Application areas:

Photography, film, audio

sensitive film and audio equipment

High-tech, electronics

Sensitive electronic devices

Measurement and technology

Sensitive measurement devices

Tools, machines

Equipment and tools for craftsmen

Event technology

Devices that are used at events

IT technology, laptops

Computers and IT equipment

Military, police, emergency

sensitive devices in these sectors

Medical technology

Sensitive medical devices

Hunting, fishing

Weapons and fishing equipment

Drone transport

All types of high-quality drones

Outdoor, sport, leisure

for leisure equipment to be protected

Everyday transport cases

for special protection of the contents

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