With the possibilities of customization, protective and transport cases are created with distinctive features. Inscriptions with company logos, special case and handle colours or extended modifications with our accessories. With your personal branding, you decide how your protective and transport cases are put together.

Customization is possible from a quantity of 100 cases.

Possibilities for case customization:

Screen printing

Screen printing is a proven method for clear and durable labelling of our products. This technique enables precise printing of logos, texts or multi-coloured designs on the surfaces of our cases.

Laser marking

Laser marking on SINORA cases offers durable and hard-wearing labelling. This technology not only enables clear identification, but also personalised adjustments such as serial numbers.

Case and handle colours

The design of case and handle colours gives you the freedom to design your protective cases according to your personal preferences. This opens up opportunities for companies to represent their corporate identity down to the smallest detail. For higher quantities, we also offer the cases in special colours in addition to the classic black. In addition to the classic grey, you can also choose red, orange, yellow, green, blue and black for the handles.


Supplement your SINORA plastic cases with our extensive range of accessories to further optimise usability, safety and user-friendliness. Useful accessory ideas include, for example, lockable latches that guarantee additional security for your equipment during transport or against unauthorised access. Customisable interior padding, individual labelling plates, document compartments or mounting frames are available on request.

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