SINORA is a brand of Solidplex GmbH with headquarters in Miltenberg, in the Bavarian administrative district of Lower Franconia. Our company has been manufacturing transport cases for sensitive equipment in a wide range of industries since 1990.

Our passion for plastics
The processing of thermoplastics is a fascinating method of manufacturing high-quality plastic products. With our many years of experience, expertise and creativity in plastics technology, we create customised protective cases made from robust polypropylene (PP). In addition to the technical advantages, the use of plastic offers the possibility of meeting the individual requirements of our customers.

Benefit from our expertise in plastics technology.

Transportkoffer aus Kunststoffgranulat

Transport case – certified according to environmental tests

Safety through comprehensive certifications

SINORA cases stand for first-class quality and maximum safety. To ensure compliance with strict industry standards, we subject our products to extensive tests in accordance with ISO standards in a certified environmental laboratory. These tests include heat and cold shock tests to ensure that our cases can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations. In addition, vibration tests simulate transport on the road and in the air. In this way, we ensure that your equipment is optimally protected even under extreme conditions.

The MIL-STD-810 tests include a series of stringent environmental tests. For example, the protective cases from SINORA successfully pass drop and vibration tests. In these tests, your equipment can also be tested directly in the case to ensure that it can withstand the transport requirements in accordance with the standards. The residual acceleration is measured directly on your equipment to ensure a precise and reliable assessment.

The IP67 certification includes the leak test. This documents that SINORA cases are resistant to the ingress of dust and water.

Put your trust in SINORA cases – we do too and therefore grant you a lifetime guarantee!

Transportkoffer Zertifizierung

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