To ensure that our protective and transport cases fit your equipment perfectly, we offer various equipment options. This allows you to realise your creative ideas seamlessly with our cases.

Our transport cases are equipped with high-quality foam inserts or Velcro divider systems that can be customised to fit your equipment. This allows you to optimally protect and organise your equipment.

All case inserts at a glance:

Customized CNC foam inserts

CNC foam inserts are customized for you by our sales partners. They are customized precisely to your equipment and tools so that your equipment is optimally protected in the case and the case offers optimum handling during operation. Depending on the quantity and requirements, the inserts are manufactured using different processes in order to achieve the best and most economical solution. Contact us for your individual case customization.

Velcro divider system

Inserts with Velcro dividers are variable and are known as the classic subdivision for photographic equipment. They offer the option of dividing the interior according to your requirements and adjusting the compartment size later if your equipment changes. The core of the divider pads is made of rigid foam. This is covered with fleece and has Velcro on the front. The Velcro hooks onto the fleece and gives the dividers a secure fit.

The cases with the divider inserts have a “D” for dividers at the end of the article number.

Cubed-foam inserts

Cubed foam inserts have pre-punched cubes in a grid. Using this grid, you can easily cut your equipment into the inlay with a cutter knife. The grid foam consists of several layers, depending on the case height. The bottom layer is always without a grid. To protect the transported goods at the top, there is a studded foam in the lid. The grid foam inserts are made of soft foam.

You can recognise the models by the “C”, for cubed foam, at the end of the article number.

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