The SINORA range offers a wide variety of models, from small cases for individual items of equipment to very large transport cases. The surface of the SINORA plastic cases has a fine pearl-effect structure. Ergonomically
handles are additionally coated with soft rubber. This so-called soft grip ensures safe and comfortable carrying at all times. The fastener can be opened easily and intuitively with one hand.
open with one hand.

All standard models at a glance:

Slim models The Slim series is the minimalist version of the Classic series. Smaller handles and fasteners and the absence of the pressure equalisation valve make these cases light and easy to handle.
Classic models The Classic series is characterised by a robust design with an attractive surface. The cases have stacking recesses and a pressure equalisation valve. All larger plastic cases are usually equipped with a trolley.

Cross-Rib models

The Cross-Rib models have an advanced cross-rib design to reinforce the surfaces on the lid and base. This makes them lightweight with good stability. At the same time, the grid design ensures that cases of the same size stand on top of each other without slipping.

Cross-Rib Xtra models Extra robust design for very large injection moulded cases. Reinforcing ribs with a large radius at the corners provide excellent rigidity. The corrugations for protecting the locks and handles are moulded inwards.

19-inch racks

SINORA racks are particularly robust and lightweight thanks to their innovative X-design. The surface has a pearl effect structure. The first injection moulded rack of its kind offers you transport safety and good handling for your 19-inch devices.

  • Robust fasteners
  • Stackable
  • Sturdy carrying handle
  • High fitting accuracy
  • Sealing profile in the lid
  • Compact design
  • Impact-resistant PP plastic
  • Steel rack rail at the front and rear
  • Set with M6 cage nuts

Flexible interior for the best possible protection for your equipment
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