SINORA transport and protective cases are made of high-quality, hard-wearing material to protect your items from knocks, scratches and other external influences. Whether you are commuting, travelling or simply want to store your belongings safely, our cases offer you the protection you need.

With ergonomic handles, smooth-running wheels and intuitive latches, our cases are easy to use and simple to handle. The cases have an attractive design and an outstanding case surface with a fine, silky-gloss pearl-effect structure. A practical transport case for everyday use.

Transportkoffer für den alltäglichen Gebrauch

Advantages of the protective and transport cases

for everyday use

  • Robust construction for reliable protection
  • Different sizes and designs for different needs
  • Smooth-running castors and ergonomic handles for easy handling
  • Practical inner compartments and organisation options for orderly storage
  • High-quality materials and durable workmanship for a long service life
  • Secure locks for easy and intuitive opening
  • Option for lockable locks to secure the contents
  • Airworthy with fully automatic pressure equalisation valve

Find out more about our products and find the perfect transport case for your daily needs!

Transportkoffer für den Outdoorbereich
Transportkoffer für den Outdoorbereich
Transportkoffer für den Bereich Jagen und Fischen

Protective and transport cases for photography, film and audio

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