For hunters, sport fishermen and anglers, we offer special transport case solutions so that you can concentrate fully on your hobby or profession, whether you want to go hunting, fishing or angling. SINORA hunting cases are designed to store and transport your hunting rifles, riflescopes, night vision devices, silencers, ammunition and accessories safely and securely.

If you are a passionate angler or sports fisherman, SINORA offers different types of cases for your fishing equipment. You will always find the right case size for fishing rods, lines, bait boxes, fishing reels, fish finders, depth sounders and everything else you need for your hobby. Thanks to their robust construction, SINORA transport cases are waterproof and perfect for outdoor use on the water.

Transportkoffer Jagen, Fischen und Angeln

Advantages of the protective and transport cases

for hunting, fishing and angling

Hunting case:

  • Robust construction to protect weapons and equipment
  • Customised foam inlays for long guns, pistols, ammunition and accessories
  • Waterproof properties for protection against moisture and wetness
  • Lightweight materials for easy carrying and transport
  • Lockable latches protect against unauthorised access

Fishing case:

  • Specialised storage options for fishing rods, bait boxes, reels and accessories
  • Robust construction for the safe transport of sensitive equipment
  • Waterproof and dustproof properties protect your equipment from moisture, wetness and dirt
  • Lightweight materials for comfortable carrying, even on longer trips
  • Drawer case for practical handling and easy organisation of your fishing tackle

Rely on the high-quality plastic cases from SINORA to meet your needs and support you in your outdoor activities. Find out more about our products and contact us today for customised solutions!

Transportkoffer für den Bereich Jagen und Fischen
Transportkoffer für den Bereich Jagen und Fischen
Transportkoffer für den Bereich Jagen und Fischen
Transportkoffer für den Bereich Jagen und Fischen

Protection and transport case for hunting, fishing and angling

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