Drones have become indispensable – whether in media production or for industrial tasks such as inspecting roofs, checking for construction defects in hard-to-reach places or precise and time-saving surveying of terrain, buildings and other structures. Even when detecting wild animals with thermal imaging cameras or when applying crop protection products in agriculture, drones are being used more and more frequently.
Overall, drones offer both economic and technical advantages that help to make work processes more efficient, safer and more cost-effective. But these sensitive devices need protection. SINORA offers a variety of protection and transportation cases for drones. The right choice not only increases your productivity, but also optimally protects your equipment against environmental influences.

Transportkoffer für den Drohnen-Transport

Advantages of the protective and transport cases
for drone transportation

  • Custom-fit foam inserts for optimum protection and organization
  • Certified to IP67 for protection against moisture and dust
  • Lightweight materials for easy carrying and transportation
  • Option for lockable locks to secure the contents
  • Designed for outdoor use
  • Ergonomically shaped handle with soft grip for safe and easy carrying
  • Trolley cases and case sets for convenient transportation of larger equipment
  • Suitable for air travel thanks to fully automatic pressure equalization valve

There are different types of protective cases for storing and transporting drones. In addition to classic protective cases, we also offer trolley cases and case sets that make transportation easier. With a SINORA transport case, you always have your drone equipment ready to hand and ready for use.

Transportkoffer für den Drohnen-Transport
Transportkoffer für den Drohnen-Transport
Transportkoffer für den Drohnen-Transport
Transportkoffer für den Drohnen-Transport

Protective and transport case for transporting drones
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