Uncompromising IT security in a security-critical environment: SINORA cases for mobile working

SINORA Cases für mobiles Arbeiten

In an increasingly digitalised world, IT security and data protection are crucial factors, especially in security-critical environments such as public authorities and the military. Artificial intelligence and digitalisation are not just buzzwords here, but fundamental prerequisites for ensuring the ability to act in all areas in the long term. But how can the availability, integrity and confidentiality of classified data up to and including confidentiality be secured without compromise?

We have developed an answer to this with our distribution partner ProCase GmbH and our joint customer CGI. Customised SINORA case solutions for mobile working that are designed to meet the highest standards of IT security while remaining flexible and user-friendly.

Public authorities and military organisations face the constant challenge of protecting their IT infrastructures from cyber attacks while ensuring secure internal and external communication. This requires the efficient and proven protection of data, which is often sensitive and classified.

Reliable protection is provided by SINA technology (Secure Inter-Network Architecture). This technology has been one of the standard crypto solutions used by federal authorities, the German armed forces and international organisations for many years. SINA ensures the secure transmission and storage of data by fulfilling the highest cryptographic requirements.

At the AFCEA Bonn trade fair, we presented an innovative solution for mobile working at the CGI stand. These case solutions have been specially developed for use in security-critical areas and offer the following advantages:

Mobility and flexibility: the case solutions make it possible to work securely outside secure environments while always ensuring the protection of sensitive information.
Ease of use: Despite the complex security mechanisms, SINORA Cases are easy to use and thus support the efficiency and productivity of users.

SINORA Cases offers mobile security at the highest level.